Feb. 03, 2021 / Press Release

HARRISBURG – The governor today issued his proposal for Pennsylvania’s 2021-22 budget. The governor has proposed a budget of $40.2 billion, which is an increase of $3 billion, or 8.2% over the 2019-20 budget. Focal points of the governor’s proposal included a 46% increase in Personal Income Tax (PIT) rates, an increased minimum wage and a severance tax on natural gas production.

Rep. Lynda Schlegel Culver (R-Northumberland/Snyder) issued the following statement in response:

“These measures proposed by the governor would be devastating to middle-class Pennsylvanians who are already struggling financially, as well as many small businesses that pay the PIT. These two demographics have suffered tremendously throughout this pandemic, and these additional financial burdens would only worsen that suffering.

“The Independent Fiscal Office’s data indicates that a $12 minimum wage would cost Pennsylvania 27,000 jobs. This is not the time to take actions that would be incredibly harmful to our economic recovery, as well as our pandemic response. A severance tax on natural gas production would hurt one of the central industries involved in the production of PPE and the COVID-19 vaccine.

“This is just the first of a long series of steps in the annual budget process. The governor’s proposal serves as a starting point for conversation and deliberation through numerous budget hearings with each executive department. In my position on the House Appropriations Committee, I will work to prevent overspending, promote vaccine distribution and avoid tax increases. Pennsylvanians deserve a budget that works for them.”

For more information about the budget, or any other state-related issue, contact Culver’s district office in Sunbury located at 106 Arch St., by calling 570-286-5885, or toll-free at 1-800-924-9060. Information can also be found online at RepCulver.com or Facebook.com/RepCulver .

Representative Lynda Schlegel Culver
108th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Kevin DiGuiseppe
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