Sep. 20, 2022

HARRISBURG - The City of Sunbury has successfully applied for a more than $414,000 grant that will be used for repair and replacement of the flood wall along the Susquehanna River, according to state Rep. Lynda Culver (R-Northumberland/Snyder) and Sen. John Gordner (R-27). The grant is a product of the Marcellus Legacy Fund, part of Act 13 of 2012 which produced revenue derived from impact fees imposed on unconventional gas well drilling throughout the state.

“The original wall, which was built by the Works Progress Administration in the 1930s, was constructed with a series of hand-laid stone walls that protect the subsoils from eroding,” Culver said. “The integrity of the wall is being impacted by Lake Augusta, and it’s time to address the problem.”

The stone walls have been repaired numerous times over the years and are in need of replacement. The city plans to replace the current stone with architectural grade concrete to stabilize the wall and prevent any additional erosion and wall failure.

“The flood wall has protected tens of thousands of Sunbury residents during dozens of high water events,” Gordner said. “We must ensure that this vital protection exists for many decades to come.”

Senator John Gordner
27th District
Pennsylvania State Senate
Representative Lynda Schlegel Culver
108th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Scott Little